Prey Premiere

CC and I + boys  headed out to Quamby House in Toorak during the week for the advanced premier of the candy horror film, Prey. Everything was uber creepy from the guy (above) at the front gate, the axe weilding fellow up in the back garden, to super spooky gurgling wheelchair guy. Inside we were treated to snacks, beer and popcorn - hooray!

We scored some bean bags down the front of the mini theatre and were told by co-producer Robert Galinsky that 30 bloggers were chosen to view the film and if we gave it a bad review he, "Fuckin' knew where we lived." OK people, now don't arc up, it was a joke and the Mayorettes will give you their honest opinion no matter how much popcorn we are lavished with.

So what's it all about then? 6 pretty young things (including our own Nat Bas) trek out into the Australian outback only to meet with an ancient supernatural evil. Way to ruin your trip - Snake bites, exploding heads and zombie like ex-friends running around in the dark trying to hack you up.

Scary? Not really. Funny? A bit. It's candy horror so amidst the chainsaw hacking, don't expect too much blood, guts and ridiculous suspense. But for a movie that has been made with private investors (that's no government funding, folks) it's OK. It doesn't promise to be a fantastic spectacular, it is what it is.

Best bits - exploding face & Nat Bas x Natalie Walker Pash
Worst bits - editing mishap

Huge thanks to Taboo and Top Cat films for the invite... and props for the intermission - sending a guy into the theatre wielding a chainsaw scared the fucking shit out of me. Genius!

2 Responses to "Prey Premiere"

  • Benny Z
    May 10, 2009 - 9:58 pm

    Is Mexi wearing a yamulke??

  • Hayley
    May 10, 2009 - 10:05 pm

    Nah, it’s my exceptionally lazy photoshop ‘skills’