Culinary Delights

It's no secret how much I enjoy propping myself up at the Bar at Seamstress. And on Monday night (my new Friday night) I ventured back to the bar I love so much to do just that.


As per usual one Manhattan turned into a seven strong cocktail adventure, I didn't take any flicks because I was having too much fun. The boys there are awesome, they know their food, their wine, their travel, their music and their art, but most importantly they know their cocktails. They know how much I love my Manhattan's, Perfect with Makers, and how much I adore an Averna on the Rocks for a nightcap, so from there we tried all the other relatives they thought I might like.

I tried my first Negroni

I tried my first Blood and Sand

I got them to recreate an Avenue

And I tried my first Averna Sour

Tuesday was a little bit of a struggle, the two sushi rolls I ate on the way home didn't really constitute dinner and I paid a little for it. But there was nothing that could stop me enjoying my dinner at France Soir, which I have been looking forward to for so so so so long. And it certainly didn't disappoint.


For those unaware France Soir is one of Melbourne's oldest French restaurants - its been around since 1986 making it only one year younger than myself. Most of the waiters, all french speaking of course, have been with the bistro for over twenty years, the wine list is over 21oo varieties strong and orders can be made with the kitchen right up until midnight. We ate on a Tuesday and the whole place was completely full for good reason.

Apres Baguette et Billecart, we chose the Poached Egg on Crouton with Bacon and Mushroom, Lambs Brains with a Caper Sauce and Confit Duck Pate with Cornichons. They were all amazing, even the Brains!

Then for Main I had a 280g Rib Eye with Bernaise Sauce and Pomme Fritz, David had a Roast Duckling with Orange Sauce and Mum went for the Veal braised with Mushrooms, Cream and Calvados.


By this stage I was unable to move, but after an Averna to help things digest, we ordered Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce and Creme Brulee. I pretty much had to be rolled out of there, I was so full but it was a completely amazing utterly french experience, that I hope to replicate nightly when I am living in the capital.

But can someone please buy me a copy of Why French Women Don't Get Fat  before I leave, I am going to need some pointers with all the AOC Cheeses and Foie Gras available to me.