Got It Covered: Ms Fitz

Ms Fitz!

Ms Fitz - what a lady!

The first time I heard the name "Ms Fitz" was a few weeks back over dinner with the girls. All I knew was that she was a stylist and had just moved from Sydney to New York.

I couple of days later I looked her up and kapow! I was blown away! The imagery that she's capable of producing is just fantastic.

So massive thanks Mafia for the intro... What an amazing lady.

Oh, and by the way. If being an incredible stylist working on editorals for famo magazines, TV shows and music vids isn't enough for you, she's also a dancer, director and one, simply stunning super-human. Meet Ms Fitz...


What have you been doing lately?

Hustlin'! I came over to New York from Sydney a month or so ago and I'm working at cracking it here with my work, which is styling, art direction and performing. At the moment I'm working on a music video which I'm directing for J-Cast,(the son of the great funk legend, Jimmy Castor) so I'm having heaps of fun! Directing is something I've always wanted to do, I love music and film so its a great medium to integrate all my talents.

Ms Fitz for Tina Kalivas What's next?

I'm working my butt of networking and meeting creative peeps in my field :)  I've also been laying down some rhymes with my man Chew Fu (things are really blowing up for him with Lady Gaga etc), designing some accesories and planning some editorial shoots. 

The thing is with New York, it doesn't really matter how much of a wiz you were back home, you gotta start from the bottom like everyone else.. so who knows where it's all going to take me! I'm loving the challenge!


NYC, tell us your favourite bits:

BROOKLYN! Yeah! I've met some really amazing friends here- Jordan Fox, for example- he's an amazing drag performer, and all his crew throw amazing parties. But also I've had traditional Spanish meals up in Harlem, got my nails did, bought lots of vintage, partied on the Pat Field boat party, seen the 4th of July fireworks, hung out in grotty old punk bars and saw a leprachaun on the subway. 


What's the cheekiest thing you've done lately:

Cheekiest? ha :) I guess when Peaches was in town- we all got rolling drunk at an after party, danced like idiots to Whitney Houston and then we stayed up eating sushi in a hotel room till the sun came up. I am OBSESSED with her stylist Vaughn Alexander- he's been a really great mentor for me, he's seen and done it all- (crazy motherfucker, hahaaaa) and gives me lots of advice about the industry. Then I got home and all drunk and all I could think was "what the fuck is dragon sushi? Did I just eat a DRAGON?" Hhaaaa!


If you were having a party, what should we bring?

All your old mixtapes, shoes that you can dance in, lots of fake hair and a bad ass attitude :)

Can't leave home without:

Doing my hair and makeup


Secret skills:

I can do all these crazy things with the muscles on my stomach. It grosses Chewy out. Oh, and I can turn my eyelids inside out!



Any last words?

Grab life by the balls!


Shout outs to:

DJ Mafia, Chew Fu, Claw Money, Duke Magazine, Elvis Di Fazio, Thom Kerr, The Mayorettes, all my blog and twitter peeps :) 

Sarah Blasko

Ms Fitz

Check out more Ms Fitz here:

Ms Fitz website              Blog            Twitter

8 Responses to "Got It Covered: Ms Fitz"

  • jesso
    July 9, 2009 - 12:23 am

    Wow- that’s crazyyy inspiring interview .. ‘take life by the balls’. I like it!!
    Can’t wait to see the J-cast video!!

  • mafia
    July 9, 2009 - 12:34 am

    I heart the Fitz forever! Ah, the white Missy Elliott off! See you in NY for the ultimate muffitz takeover honey pie <3<3

  • Ms Fitz
    July 9, 2009 - 4:19 am

    Yo ladies are the bombest!!!
    Love our blog, thanks so much for the props!!


  • Kayta
    July 9, 2009 - 9:20 am

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Mz Fitz for the win.

  • Rikki
    July 9, 2009 - 10:23 am

    Ooooo I LURRRVVVEEE your style!!!! HOT!

  • Community College
    July 9, 2009 - 11:29 pm

    you and rikki could totally be lesbian aryian (sp?) fashion lovers!!

  • Soph D
    July 10, 2009 - 7:25 pm

    Fucking amazing lady!

    From now on I’m going to grab everyone’s balls

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