Looky Likey 3

Okay looky likey is changing to mean 'shit I don't necessarily like but wanna talk about too' so I'm not limited to talking about clutch bags. The name stays though because I think it's cute.

I think I've mentioned Lucy Jay scarves before but she's still killing it with her new range so I'm mentioning it again. Xmas prez please.

Ashton Kutcher is a fucking jerkoff if we hadn't already worked that out already. Bad enough he got sprung banging some little blonde skank bareback on his 6th wedding anniversary but then he uploads this retarded vid where we rants about some theological argument about honesty in the media. Pffft, whatever homeboy, admit it, you got sprung. You're a dumb ass, she's a 22 year old dumb slut who ironically is smarter than you and making money out of this. I find the whole thing a little depressing though. Just goes to show, no matter how well you look after yourself (ala Demi) if there's a 22 year old DTF you might as well be a fat old lady with a moustache and a moomoo. Young bitches will always trump. Sorry for the rant but I dunno, I guess lately I've been realising more and more just how much age and looks matter when you're a woman. Dress it up all you want and celebrate age and different shapes and 'body confidence' but when it comes to dudes, they just want hot chicks. Maybe working and living with dudes I'm more privy to this shit but I find it all quite depressing. Fuck men. Can you tell I'm pre-mestrual at all?

D*Face is coming to Melbs soon. Love the pic above. Details to come via here.

This kinda fucks my 'women being valued only on their looks' thing in the ass, but I thought this photo ed of Lara Stone's fam and home town in Holland was cute. Fuck the dutch are tall. Weird! I guess Asians are short. Same deal.

I love astronaut related stuff and I love this shoot and I love that perspex clutch.

These dudes' house fucking rules. Only good thing about getting old is that you can hopefully have enough money to buy a rad house.

Speaking of nice houses. I love this pic of the mirror booze pics and the amazing big car grill on the wall. How hot is it? Can you believe it's the chick that does One Teaspoon??? If only her clothes reflected this kinda style. Not much of a fan of the brand (maybe if I was size 6, six foot and a sydney coke fiend I would be.) but some of it is okay. Forgot the link for this I'm afraid.

Check this amazing fashion parade (the hair!!!!) from Japanese design Mercibeaucoup. I am in love!

I adore these YSL blouses. Saw them in store when I was in Vegas and fell in love. Yet another thing I'll never own but I appreciate the aesthetic. I'd wear it with my black leather circle skirt, fishnets and high heel booties.


2 Responses to "Looky Likey 3"

  • miss c
    October 22, 2011 - 6:10 pm

    Not all Dutch people are tall. Must’ve missed the memo on that one! :(

  • Rikki
    October 25, 2011 - 7:26 pm

    Us Stekhoven’s are tall I guess, although the boys are pretty average height (apart from Julian) I love that she is just casually wearing that shit hot Givenchy sweat shirt. fml. ;)