Lookey Likey 3

I look – I like (or at least find interesting)

We might actually be up to number four right now but who can tell. Sorry for the lack of posts. Shit has been hectic and I’ve been so busy with work that I’m feeling rather uninspired outside of work, well uninspired to do anything other than drink and now I have an ear infection and a cold. Fucking hell! Partying fucks you in the A!

Black Cat Auditions from 1961

This is truly bizarre and I love it. I’m not a huge cat person but black cats are my fave! I had one as a kid that was besotted with me, her name was Madonna and she was a great little companion, I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. Check this 1961 audition for black cats. Must have been for bewitched or some shit. Follow the link ‘cause there’s heaps of funny pics. Cat lady rant over.

Iggy Azalea

Not sure if I’m super sold on her music but goddamn, this girl is fucking GAWWWJOUSSS! She looks like a 1950s pinup rolled into some ghetto dream. Hot as! This pic was of her at the Dimepiece 2012 showing, which looked pretty dope.

Death of the Bison

I’ve been reading a bit about American History of late (totally explains why they’re cray cray) and I gotta say it’s some seriously depressing shit for the most part. I literally was crying reading about the civil rights atrocities. Horrible. But I’ll spare you that and you can instead read about animal genocide. YAY. Man, those pioneers were real cunts. Our ‘founders’ weren’t any better mind you, the aboriginies got mega fucked also. This is an interesting read on how the early settlers basically hunted the native bison to extinction so the native americans (who relied on it heavily) would be fucked. Great guys.

Straw Hats

How cute are barber shop quartet-esque straw hats with some Chanel like attire. Not sure if it would translate to real life but cute nonetheless.

Perspex Heels Forever

Um… all of these please.

Tokyo Sky Tree Uniforms

No idea what the sky tree is or anything else beyond this adorable photo of the uniforms for its staff. Man, no one does cute like the Japanese.

Marc Jacobs x Nars Coordinated Gloves and Polish

Now this is a super cute idea. Stocking filler? Gotta say I’m totally sold on Shellac now and I think my polish days are over for now.

The invisible Mother

What was with people with back in the day and being totally fucking creepy and yet seemingly being completely unaware of how creepy they are? Case in point: the invisible mother. This was a practice in which the mother would hide behind a curtain or blanket so she could hold her kid/s for a photo without them cracking the shits and crying. Ever thought ‘Maybe I should just be in the photo?’ Creepy as fuck photos through the link. Reminds me of those ectoplasm photos. Scary!

Writers Bench Documentary

I caught this new doco Writer’s Bench at ACMI on Saturday and it’s great and definitely recommended to anyone with a interest in Melbourne’s graffiti scene history. I really enjoyed the archival photos and footage from the 80s and it really articulated some great points about the artform and culture surrounding it. Def worth a watch. There’s two more screeings to go.

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  • Hayley
    November 16, 2011 - 12:41 pm

    What the fuck! That Ectoplasm shit FREAKED ME OUT.
    I think I love Iggy. Sensational!