Happy new year, friends!

Hope to be seeing you here more often. Stand by...

All in the eyes

Not that you need a million pairs of sunglasses, but at under $15 a pair it doesn't hurt to have a healthy collection. Check out these 3 babies that I just ordered from 80s Purple.

Good times

Impromptu night beach  hangs are the best.



My favourite holiday! Unfortunately this year, Halloween fell on a Wednesday, no good for party times. We managed to get some Americano activities in though and headed out to Temecula to check out the corn maze.

The maze took about an hour to get through. Aiieee! Children of the corn!

Pumpkin carving time!

Here's my costume for this year. ERMAGERD!


For the first time ever, I had the chance to see Weezer *screeeaaaaaaam!*

Here are your mates before the show reading the Wikipedia page for Weezer.

The show was fantastic, except for the old frat boys trying to circle mosh to a ballad. Re-phrase, old frat boys trying to circle mosh to Weezer, c'mon.

Australian friends, get tickets and go in January. Do not circle mosh.

San Francisco

We took a late night drive to San Francisco a while back, to catch up with super Perth friends over a long weekend.

Holy shit, at 2am the bay bridge was a sight for sore eyes, be still my 2 x 5 hour energized heart (not advised).

We strolled through parks and ferried around the bay. Tourist time!

We ate and drank our way through the weekend. I absolutely love this city. Can't wait to go back!

Catch up

I am the worst procrastinator ever. Time for catch ups!

Since attempting to surf in my awesome new wetsuit, I have stepped on 2 fish and have been smashed in the face by le surfboard resulting in fat lip and re-arranged tooth. Not so bad though and I still love it, just a lesson  learned in hesitation.

Stand by, friends...updates ahoy!

Kook Alert

Yep, that's me - the newest kook on your beach. I figured since I lived so close to the beach, it would be silly not to give surfing a go. So yeah, I'm pretty crap at it but I did get the CUTEST WETSUIT EVER...

Unfortunately this has done nothing for my skill level, or my fear of the ocean.


Time to get your hands on the new issue of ACCLAIM. Lovingly edited by the one and only Alex Weiland (love ya!) and the layout is looking extra fancy thanks to PJ.

I'm so stoked each time I find this in my mailbox - seriously! Make sure you head out and grab a copy, it features Mark McNairy, Nick Boserio, Bram Van Splunteren, Roger Gastman & Party Supplies.


To launch the Saviour issue we are presenting a premiere screening of Big Fun in the Big Town on Thursday, 9th August with help from adidas Originals. Taking place at Rancho Notorious in Melbourne, director Bram Van Splunteren will be also be in attendance for a Q&A session. More info and tickets are available via acclaimmag.com/shop.


Pre-orders for the issue can be made through acclaimmag.com/shop. From Friday August 10th the issue will be available through all good newsagents, select boutiques and Magnation stores.

Comic-Con 2012

Hey friends! No doubt if we're pals on Facey, you've already been subjected to my photo's from Comic-Con. If not...here we go!

For anyone that thinks that Comic-Con is just about comics, it's not. If you like people watching (no stalker), TV, movies, parties or art in general, you MUST try to get to it some time (oh yeah, gaming and cosplay too...if that's your thing).

The Gaslamp/Convention area becomes a mini city.



R2D2 Fire Hydrant

Petco Park became the 'Walking Dead Escape' an obstacle course complete with deathly zombies to chase you. Much screaming. Read more