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House Stuff



So once again I come back with blog neglecting excuses but I won't bother you with the boring details. It's January and we are all busy hey.

My down time has been consumed with my pursuit of the dream home... either working on the house, thinking about the house or getting inspiration for the house Thought I might share a few of the things that are rocking my world at the moment...

Kachina Dolls

I am going nuts for these Native American pretties, according to Wiki "A kachina can represent anything in the natural world or cosmos, from a revered ancestor to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept." I personally love the naive shapes, the colours, and especially their crazy little faces and well they are just really beautiful.

African Wax Print fabric

I love these amazing hand-dyed fabrics...

I have found a place on Etsy called Sister Batik that sells cushion covers using these amazing prints... I can see these on my sofa, yes indeedy.

Todd James Print

My brother and our very own CC got me onto the artist Todd James. PJ gave me a copy of the Attitude Dancer 2: Illusion Dweller Coloring Book a couple of years ago and I really love his illustration style.

I want this print entitled "Somali Pirate"

The Bonze Stool by Philippe Starck (in gold please)

(look at that arsehole on the bottom right that has THREE!!!)

I love these stools!.. they're shiny and gold and well also a bit creepy...  I will probably have to settle for a replica though, ahhhh to be stupid-ass RICH.

Custom made Neon Signs

I really like the idea of this, but I would want it to say something really derisive to take away from the cuteness of it.

And well that's my wrap up on some of the things that are currently fueling my interior hysteria.

My bad!



I have been an absolute shocker on the posting front and I just want to take this opportunity to say. Soowwweee. My life has been so hectic the last month including the purchase of a new house!!!! Waaaaazzzzzzoooooo!!! I can not describe the feeling of living with ones Father-in-Law for 3 years and then finally getting out into your own space again! It's stupidly good.

SOLD! (Note the drunk ramp.. previously an elderly person ramp)

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Versace cream dream!

OMG! Versace for H&M! First pics are in and she's going to be a doozie!!! Who doesn't want a bit of vintage-esque Versace goodness in their life and for a fraction of the cost? So I'll say it here first, it is now my life's mission to make the above tropical-leopard-heaven-bomber mine!! (hahah well maybe not life but I'm fairly keen on it hey!)

Peach Melba!

So I was regaling you with tales of hair-dying a few weeks ago. Well I have been to the hairdresser twice since then.

The first result was this.

It wasn't a bad colour and many people told me they liked it (although that's what people will say right? To be nice and all.) But yeah, I HATED it. It's the most I have cried over my hair in a long time... the last time was a very questionable mumsy flicked out bob and the time before that was when my girlfriend tried to dye my hair blonde from this red-burgundy colour and I ended up with a  frazzed out yellow mop with orange tips. Actually I was a hair model once and that was fairly disastrous too. Ha ha to say I have had a lot of cuts and colours is a bit of an understatement. ANYHOO, I waited it out for 3 and a bit weeks to give my hair a breather and all and then I was back in that salon chair like a shot... and ta-da... Read more

How does your garden grow? Ashish SS12

So Ashish just KILLED London fashion week with it's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Sequins? check. Florals? Check.  Animal prints? Check. Bright as fuck? Check. I love the relaxed fit of the majority of the pieces, it just makes the sometimes OTT sexy sequin so much more chilled, and it's all served up with a sense of humour, which is always my preference when it comes to fashion, why take it all so seriously? The styling is perfect too. Those flower-stuffed boots, genius. Right?

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<3 <3 <3 TEN YEARS TODAY CHICKENS!!! <3 <3 <3

Madonna Mountain

A couple of weekends ago I went away on a friendship holiday in celebration of my darling girl, one Miss Pockets Cooper's 30th birthday... We hired a lovely house in the Blue Mountains and ate, drank and were very merry. Pockets cooked an amazing Italian feast on Friday night with all the tasty trimmings, but the highlight was Saturday night when we partied on down to the theme of "Madonna"... Pockets kinda LOVES Madonna hey.

Here's some happy snaps!

mmmm nom-noms.

This was the Friday night dance party in the lounge room. I believe we were all really getting into Britney's amazing single "Till the World Ends" here, it's pretty fun to dance to hey.

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Smashing the City to Surf

So I totally ran the City to Surf yesterday. 14 whole kilometers. I have NEVER been fit in my life, on my first training run I only made it 1 k before I had to stop and dry-retch... right in front of a horrified little league soccer team. Ergh.
But I did it and I actually enjoyed it and not to be too cheesy but I had such a sense of pride when I crossed that finish line. I whole-heartedly recommend challenging yourself today.

O.W.L Spring Sale

The Mayorette's favourite nocturnal bird, aka Obnoxious Owl is having a super spring clean-out sale!
Not only is she saying goodbye to a swag load of cutie-patootie gear (like the awesome dress seen above) but she is also handing all the dosh over for an excellent cause, "Help Siva".
If you've been looking for an excuse to buy yourself a prize you've found it! Get some sexy new threads, shoes or jewels and help a good cause why don't you!

A question about hair

Firstly may I apologise for my absence... I know I haven't posted in ages but life has been ce-razy, and not in a fun-filled blog content way, I've been busy with a new job taking up a huge portion of my time and also training for the City2Surf this weekend (yes I am insane)... But I'm here now so lets get onto the post at hand, the all important topic of my hair colour..

This is what I am thinking...

So obviously I have been rocking bright orange hair for the past 2 years (well it started off an unwanted  dark red colour due to a nervous hairdresser) and I have gradually got it to the supreme ginge that I always strived for BUT... I am now starting to think about transitioning back to blonde. Isn't that always the case? I don't think I will go back to platinum, it's way too harsh on the ol' follicles but more of a strawberry blonde colour as showcased in the very bodgey Photoshopped piccie above.

What do we think? yay or nay? I'll take other suggestions but with Summer just around the corner, I think lightening my hair in some form is definitely on the cards.