Happy new year, friends!

Hope to be seeing you here more often. Stand by...

Good times

Impromptu night beach  hangs are the best.



My favourite holiday! Unfortunately this year, Halloween fell on a Wednesday, no good for party times. We managed to get some Americano activities in though and headed out to Temecula to check out the corn maze.

The maze took about an hour to get through. Aiieee! Children of the corn!

Pumpkin carving time!

Here's my costume for this year. ERMAGERD!

Catch up

I am the worst procrastinator ever. Time for catch ups!

Since attempting to surf in my awesome new wetsuit, I have stepped on 2 fish and have been smashed in the face by le surfboard resulting in fat lip and re-arranged tooth. Not so bad though and I still love it, just a lesson  learned in hesitation.

Stand by, friends...updates ahoy!

Kook Alert

Yep, that's me - the newest kook on your beach. I figured since I lived so close to the beach, it would be silly not to give surfing a go. So yeah, I'm pretty crap at it but I did get the CUTEST WETSUIT EVER...

Unfortunately this has done nothing for my skill level, or my fear of the ocean.

Actual new, real life, for sure, really real Hayley Mei jewelry on the way

Long time between posts! What's new? I finally made some more jewelry, that's what. I've always been fascinated with glomesh and managed to get my hands on some. Here's a sneaky at some earrings I've made

Metal Mesh Earrings

Not on sale just yet, I still need to nut out the finer details. Selling online in Cali isn't as straightforward as you would imagine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Summer, come at me bro!

I'm currently pretending that SoCal doesn't look like this for the months of May and June...

So as a distraction, here are some Summery things. New sunglasses! Yeah, I guess I have come to terms with pink. Can't hate.

How great are these swimmers!? I could not resist. Reversible also.

CHECK THIS OUT. It's a Ponchita! Margarita meets a Coronitas, my new Summer friend. Cheers x 1000.

LA Times

So stoked to head up to LA for the DABS MYLA exhibition at Known Gallery yesterday. Melbourne crew! Great to Have Tom and Claire stop over for a bit after their trek through South and Central America. Happy travels guys x (thanks Tom, for the pic).

Rosie - cutest in the house!

Pretty sure I want this:

Dabs Myla



These two, pointing.

John & Cope 2

Yes! Yes! Baaaaaaaack!

I was searching for some kinda, 'I'm back' song to reinforce the fact that the blog is ohhhhn again. But, could not resist this...

Turn it up, bitches!

We didn't forget you, my friends, there was just A LOT of shit going on for a LONG time and even before my previous promises to 'be back' weren't exactly upheld, now is the time. Yes, there's a little more updating to to with the layout (thanks for being patient), I really wasn't feeling the last one. Too restrictive you bastards! So hope this is a little easier on the eyes.

So after moving OS, going back and forth a little, getting married, getting married again (same guy you crazies!), getting settled in Cali, I finally feel like I have some spare time and energy. YAYS.

I guess you have seen most of my pics to date, since I forced everyone who looked at Mayoress to watch a live feed of my Insta pics - PS follow me: hayleymei - so I won't update you with the same. All I want to say that being back in Melbourne was so fantastic, but my god people, I cannot keep up with all of the drinking and fun times. Sure it was amazing, but fuck I am tired. Best part was getting to hang with the besties (and new friends), love you all and miss you tonnes. SO sorry to the people I didn't get to see, even though we ended up being there for a long time, it was pretty stressful day by day.

Good to see you again, guys and gals. X


Still here, friends.

Should be back to Cali soon so I can make the blog pretty again and do some real posts x