For the first time ever, I had the chance to see Weezer *screeeaaaaaaam!*

Here are your mates before the show reading the Wikipedia page for Weezer.

The show was fantastic, except for the old frat boys trying to circle mosh to a ballad. Re-phrase, old frat boys trying to circle mosh to Weezer, c'mon.

Australian friends, get tickets and go in January. Do not circle mosh.

More Bounce in California

Someone please remix this song!

Erm, sorry I don't think a video exists, so you'll have to deal with someones homemade blue screen...

High Rotation

Frankie Karl


Is this for real?



Celebrity endoresement...whatevs, but DID IT REALLY NEED A SONG???????????


Monday Music

I watched Footloose last night. I'd always thought the angry dance scene was the highlight. But really, it's all about this one: