Hair extensions can be curled extremely easily to make them appear prettier. To reach this, it is necessary to adhere to a methodology that varies in accordance to the looping tool used.

Curl your extensions with a curling iron

The 19 cm diameter curling iron is the proposed resource for curling your Brazilian human hair(see information at quality-raw-brazilian-hair) extensions and getting curls that are not way too loose, allow by itself also restricted. The looping process is really very simple:

  • Get a wick that is not also thick, using into account the width of the curling iron
  • Spray a warmth protectant spray on the wick for a couple seconds
  • Use a brush to pass the products over the overall wick
  • Wind the locks on the curling iron in a rotating motion, earning positive to halt at your temples
  • Let sit for 10 seconds and clear away the iron from the wick
  • Repeat the identical course of action all about the hair.

Just after curling all the extensions from reliable hair sellers, it is doable to reach a tousled look by flippantly combing the hair and fixing it with a veil of hairspray. The use of flat clips on the rollers after removing of the iron also will make it possible to assert the curls additional.

Curl your extensions with a straightener

The use of the straightener to get curls responds to a procedure equivalent to that of the curling iron. In this case, you have to have the extensions curled by straightening them with a comb, for instance. Thereafter, it will be vital to go on the hair a protecting treatment method versus warmth. The product or service need to primarily touch the ends.

To switch to the precise curling, you need to wrap a thick or slim wick (based on the curls you want to have) on the decreased level of the straightener and close the straightener. Finally, you have to make rotational movements with the straightener in your hand from bottom to top rated for 15 seconds. This identical approach will have to be carried out on all the hair.

Safeguard your hair prior to curling it

  • The curling or straightening iron can attain substantial temperatures averaging among 180 and 240 levels. Making use of heated appliances to the hair with out a warmth-safeguarding procedure could critically injury or even burn up it.
  • So, it is attainable to find heat-protective shampoos, serums or warmth-protective sprays on the sector to guard your hair. The latter are the most advisable, as they are additional practical and can be utilized to damp or dry hair.

Curl your extensions with braids

In the absence of protecting warmth cure, it is doable to curl your human hair extensions and wigs (far more facts at site/how-to-wash-and-take-treatment-of-your-curly-lace-entrance-wig) with braids without using heating products. They are a organic way to curl your extensions. To make them, you need:

  • Make African braids or braids with 3 strands of wet hair
  • Keep the braids for at the very least 12 hrs then undo them
  • Comb hair with fingers
  • Spray a modest amount of hairspray all more than the hair. The extensions will be curled with a touch of glow.
  • Looping extensions can be finished in various strategies. The important is to continue methodically and guard your hair from the heat when making use of a heating gadget.