As you already know by now, the Moco is one of the leading museums in Amsterdam. It focuses largely on modern art. The Moco Museum has been a big springboard for new and upcoming artists to exhibit their creations. However, big-name painters and creators have also been part and parcel of the Moco over the years. So, what kind of work should you expect once you visit the Moco? Here are some ideas.

Bold and innovative

The Moco strives to showcase works that go over and beyond traditional expectations. The museum often invites artists who are willing to explore the deep horizons of creativity. As such, most of the work that you get here will be unique and completely out of the box. Although such artwork can sometimes be complicated for the average art lover, with time, you learn to appreciate the finer bold details that you see.

Modern and contemporary

There is a reason why the Moco has often been described as one of the best places to view modern and contemporary art. They have so much of that. As noted above, the Moco often tries to explore the bounds of creativity in so many incredible ways. In the end, the museum brings together a superb mix of creative modern artwork that will blow anyone away. In fact, there are very few places in Amsterdam where you can get such artwork on display.

The dawn of NFTs

In line with the Moco’s futuristic view of art, the museum is also offering NFT showcases for digital creators as well. The museum is one of the few in the city that is doing this. It shows you just how invested they are in the future of art. The Moco brings together some of the best digital creators in the city to help to showcase their NFT-powered work. The presentation of these NFTs is also done in such a beautiful way.

Color and pomp

Modern art has often been associated with bold colors and majestic creativity. This is exactly what you get at the Moco. Artists like Mark Rothko have often tried to bring color and boldness into their works. The Moco is now providing a home for these breathtaking pieces. The moment you step into the museum, you will be met by a bright and heartwarming colorful charm in each and every painting on the showcase.