These days, many are looking for non-harsh ways of beautifying the skin and body. Organic and natural methods are still effective and often better than modern methods. One such method is to use activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal has become a very popular way to cleanse the skin. The goal of many modern face masks is to cleanse the pores thoroughly to remove toxins and clogs, leading to acne and blackheads.

The charcoal mask helps prevent bloating due to the unique properties of activated charcoal, and the wash is effective in removing dirt from the holes.

● Deeply Clean the pores

● Reduce inflammation and redness

● Remove dirt

● Control excess oil

● Avoid wrinkles and other lines on the face

● Antioxidant properties

● Work against acne, pimples, and blackheads

How to use a charcoal mask

1. Let the mask dry on your skin for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.

2. Gently dry your face, and apply a moisturizer on your face.

Top 3 Benefits Of Using Charcoal Masks

1. Treat acne

Acne mainly affects people in the face. For example, acne occurs when the pores on the face become clogged with excess sebum and other environmental pollutants. It leads to infection and inflammation, like red spots on the skin. Reducing this coal secretion helps to pull the infection out of the pores. The facemask consists of an anti-bacterial agent that kills the germs that cause acne. In addition, the charcoal mask contains ingredients that act as an astringent to shrink pores.

2. Remove Black and White Heads

In addition, both blackheads and whiteheads are another ongoing skin problem. It usually appears on the surface of oily skin. People with oily skin have clog pores. Often, dead skin and excess sebum block pores. With oxidization, the pores turn black, thus forming blackheads. The charcoal mask is very effective in cleaning deep pores. It absorbs dirt and leaves the skin fresh and smooth. As a result, charcoal regulates the flow of oil to the skin.

3. Oily Skin Best

One of the benefits of using charcoal masks is controlling oily skin. As a result, too much oil on the skin makes a face look shiny. Excess oil attracts dirt, leading to blackheads and acne. The charcoal mask quickly controls the oil flow on the skin and clears pores.

In the final analysis, the benefits of using charcoal make are huge. In general, environmental pollution causes premature aging of the skin. The charcoal mask is a good product for protecting the skin from damage. However, long-term use of the product will irritate the skin.

Why Charcoal vs. Other Facial Beauty Products

There are fewer reasons people choose a charcoal face mask than other popular brands. One of the reasons is that everything is natural, so no harsh chemicals are used. For this reason, they are less likely to cause problems – especially those with sensitive skin types and conditions. It is also eco-friendly and more sustainable than its counterparts.

Some face masks are based on popular chemicals and cleansers that contain chemicals such as SLS and sulfates. While these products may work, they are not suitable for many, few may respond to them. Sometimes other chemicals and agents can dry out the skin and contribute to itchy skin and eczema.

So the activated face mask of Mamaearth C3 is a good idea and can be more than just a chemical cleaning agent.

Blackhead Suction and Hole Cleaning

An activated charcoal face mask has become a popular way to cleanse the skin. The goal of many modern face masks is to cleanse the pores thoroughly to remove toxins and clogs, leading to acne and blackheads.

The Mamaearth C3 face mask helps clear barriers due to the unique properties of activated charcoal. A substrate with holes in the carbon absorbs dirt from the skin. These fine structures enable it to act as a moisturizing agent – capable of absorbing dirt and germs embedded in the pores of facial skin. This deep dirt in the holes contributes to the decrease in the appearance of the skin and bits and blackheads.



Our Mamaearth C3 face mask clarifies, tones, and removes toxins from your skin in just minutes, leaving you clean and refreshed.

It contains activated charcoal that releases excess oil while coffee releases and removes dead skin cells. Kaolin clay works on acne and keeps them away, while bentonite clay heals remaining scars. This face mask of coffee, clay, and charcoal is skin-tested and free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, SLS, PEGs, animal-derived ingredients and aromatic aromas.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping your face smooth and reduces the chances of getting acne. The Mamaearth C3 face mask protects your skin from free radicals and natural invaders, invasive impurities and gives you the clear skin you deserve.